Executive Leadership

Kevin Hall
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
Thomas H. Caudle, Jr.
Director, President and Chief Operating Officer
Jeffrey C. Ackerman
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Richard E. Gerstein
Executive Vice President, Global Branded Premium Value-Added Products and Chief Marketing Officer
John D. Vegas
Executive Vice President, Global Chief Human Resources Officer

More About Unifi

Careers Tout

Our Most Important Attribute? Our People

At Unifi, employees are our most vital element for success. The textile industry is one of the most technologically advanced businesses in the world, and our employees provide our competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Our History

The Unifi Story

The roots of the Unifi story actually began before the birth of the company's founder, George Allen Mebane IV, who was born in 1929 in Greensboro, North Carolina.