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Changing how industries think about the materials they use

A global leader in fiber science and sustainable synthetics

A vertically-integrated manufacturer, UNIFI is a pioneer in scaling the transformation of post-consumer bottles and waste textiles into sustainable products.

Our History

Founded by George Allen Mebane IV in 1971, UNIFI’s history is marked by its enduring commitment to investments in technology — and its spirit of resilience. From advanced textile technology in the 1980s, which spurred new uses for polyester and nylon, to leading innovation in performance technologies in the early 2000s, we stay one step ahead. In 2007, in a bid to recycle our own manufacturing waste, UNIFI laid the groundwork for what would become REPREVE®, the world’s leading, branded recycled fiber and resin. The REPREVE Bottle Processing Center and REPREVE Recycling Center allowed us to scale our sustainable production.

Over the past 10 years, as the focus shifted to worldwide sourcing, our supply chain excellence allowed us to offer the same quality and innovation in every corner of the world.

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Our Reach

Operational assets

Direct manufacturing in United States, Colombia, El Salvador, and Brazil. Joint venture in North America.

Global sales offices

Sales offices worldwide, including China, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Vietnam, and throughout Europe.

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Our purpose is to solve how tomorrow can be better

What is this?

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