UNIFI® has found that working sustainably is working smarter. Why waste resources if you can use and reuse them?

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Regenerative by design

At UNIFI, we hate wasting. We don’t waste ideas, time, materials, energy — or even waste. This regenerative mindset has been embedded in our processes and people for decades and it places us at the forefront of innovating for a circular economy.

Hate wasting

We believe that materials should never become waste. A circular economy is our framework for sustainability, and that’s why we’re invested in making it a reality.

Eliminate waste and pollution

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, we examine every piece of our business to find a use for waste products.

Circulate products and materials

Our developments in textile-to-textile production are pushing the boundaries of circularity.

Regenerate nature

By re-using recycled plastic bottles and textile waste, we reduce virgin inputs, placing less of a burden on the planet.

Sustainable technology
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We partner with leading innovators in sustainable technology to constantly invest in new machinery and processes.

Our work on the eAFK EvoCooler texturing technology has afforded a 20% reduction in energy per pound of yarn produced. SmartDye™ and Waterwise, both proprietary technologies, have respectively achieved at least 30% energy savings and reduction of water utilized in the dyeing process.

Outlets for waste
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We strive to find opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

This means ensuring we reduce the initial creation of waste, reuse wherever appropriate, and recycle all that we can. We work with our employees, customers, vendors and communities to find use for recyclable byproducts, even beyond what we offer as REPREVE®. Every UNIFI-owned facility includes on-site sortation hubs to ensure that if it can be recycled, it will be recycled.

Sustainable Education
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We help brands, industry partners, schools and consumers understand recycling processes.

Our US-wide, mobile education tour helps encourage planet-healthy behavior and tours of our global plants shine a light on how waste materials can be repurposed.

Our Memberships

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Our sustainable certifications

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What is this?

We consider sustainability in every aspect of our brand. From the yarns we produce to the technology we manufacture, right down to our web design. Did you know that the more complex a website is, the more energy is consumed to load it? Features like video autoplay, animated effects, and even pictures increase the carbon footprint of a website. By enabling this switch you’re agreeing to look at a simplified and more sustainable version of our website, helping us lessen our environmental impact.

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