Filament Yarn

With the widest range of filament yarns in the world, UNIFI® helps optimize your brand story, product performance, and production needs.

Crushed bottles 320x90

filament solutions available.

Water droplets 320x90

performance technologies can be added at yarn level.

Desk 320x90

available on-site across global locations.

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White yarn close up 1440 415 2x

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Spun yarn 320 138 2x
Spun Yarn
Staple fiber 320 138 2x
Staple Fiber
Resin 320 138 2x
Rpet flake 320 138 2x
rPET Flake

We specialize in high performing sustainable synthetic yarn and fiber. Explore our solutions.

Sourced, manufactured and sold in every major textile region in the world.


A leading global brand, REPREVE offers an extensive, multi-functional product range.


Our brands, products and technologies span a wide spectrum of applications and end uses.

Potential, defined.

At UNIFI, potential is not just something we make, it’s something we grow. Meet your potential by checking out our career opportunities today.

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