Solving How

UNIFI®’s solutions to real-world problems span everything from sustainable construction materials to next gen athletic wear.

Partnership approach

We build consultative partnerships with businesses based on deep subject matter expertise and customer-centric innovation.

Thinking on a
global scale.
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We are relied upon to solve problems, interpret opportunities, educate on processes, plan scale, and strategize on industry-disruptive innovation.

It starts with trust.

From textile engineers to fiber scientists and supply chain experts to commercial specialists, our people power UNIFI.

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Supply Chain Expertise

We are trade compliant, with global service and distribution. Our unique capabilities for quick replenishment, consistency, and recycled fibers deliver unmatched speed to market.

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Regional sourcing capabilities for speed to market and trade compliant product solutions. Diverse product offering, robust quality control, and manufacturing excellence.

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Superior manufacturing, logistics, and distribution for in country and regional supply chain solutions.

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Providing the highest standard of branded, traceable, and quality recycled product solutions through integrated and diverse supply chain partners.

Brand Resources

Fabric Library

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Explore a wide selection of fabric options from our certified mill partners. Customize your library with personalized swatch books of selections that fit your unique brand.

ESG Content

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We furnish customers with life cycle analysis data, including greenhouse gas emissions, water conserved, and bottles diverted.

Asset Library

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We provide brand story content and point of sale materials.

Partner with us

Whatever you’re trying to solve – from sustainable, performance sneakers to eco-friendly building construction, we can help you.

What can you solve?

Join our mission to solve how tomorrow can be better.

What is this?

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