Team Spotlight

Meet Cindy Snyder

Cindy is a perfect example of the longevity and loyalty of Unifi team members. She started with Unifi after graduating from high school in 1977. She’s been promoted many times, in part for the example she sets, and the sense of pride she gets, from a job well done. She appreciates the benefits and says her coworkers are one of her favorite things about working at Unifi.

More About Unifi

Our Culture

Agents of Ingenuity

True innovation starts in each one of us—working in diverse teams of experts from all over the world, as we investigate, collaborate, innovate and deliver never-before-seen solutions that capture the imagination and shake up markets. It takes a special culture to serve our customers with such passion.

Our History

The Unifi Story

The roots of the Unifi story actually began before the birth of the company's founder, Geroge Allen Mebane IV, who was born in 1929 in Greensboro, North Carolina.