The potential to change the world

Fiber science and sustainable synthetics

A global leader in scaling the transformation of post-consumer plastics into sustainable products and textile-to-textile recycling, we help industries meet the current and future needs of society.


REPREVE is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber and resin. Traceable and certified, REPREVE brings fresh potential to waste products.

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Innovation for a circular economy

Keeping materials and products in circulation for as long as possible is a framework for the Earth — and for UNIFI®.

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From concrete to Fashion

We’re the people who solve industry challenges.

Challenges, like how to transform plastic bottles into anti-odor, high-performance sportswear. Or, how automakers can dream up opportunities for sustainable luxury.

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Love customers. Solve problems.

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Our products

UNIFI is a leader in performance textiles across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Known for our flexible solutions and high-quality products, our supply chain spans the globe.

Driven to realize possibilities

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We find potential everywhere
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We believe every person, idea, process, and scrap of waste has potential. This belief drives our innovation, culture, training, and investments.

Making the future for over 50 years

Our Purpose

To solve how tomorrow can be better and rise to the challenge of delivering it.

Our Beliefs

We’re people powered and planet mindful with a responsible product portfolio and reliable operational plants and supply chains.

What is this?

We consider sustainability in every aspect of our brand. From the yarns we produce to the technology we manufacture, right down to our web design. Did you know that the more complex a website is, the more energy is consumed to load it? Features like video autoplay, animated effects, and even pictures increase the carbon footprint of a website. By enabling this switch you’re agreeing to look at a simplified and more sustainable version of our website, helping us lessen our environmental impact.

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