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What if we could do something with all the plastic bottles clogging our landfills? We do. Brands and converters trust Unifi to make their high-quality products reliably better—with the sustainable value and uncompromised performance of REPREVE® resin and recycled PET flake and bales.


Traceable & Certifiable—For the Good of Tomorrow

Recycled PET flake is melted into to pellets called resin or chip. Available with FDA-approval or our proprietary FiberPrint® technology, explore what's possible with REPREVE resin.

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PET Flake​

Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles—Transparent & Certifiable

Post-consumer plastic bottles are collected, sorted, and enter a unique material conversion process where they're washed and chopped into flake.

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PET Bales

Recycled Bottles Become Clean Flake

Baled recycled PET containers are converted into clean PET flake in our state-of-the-art REPREVE Bottle Processing Center located in Reidsville, North Carolina. Our facility has the ability to process more than 130 mm pounds of baled PET containers annually.

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End Uses

We Make Essential Ingredients that Make These Products Sustainable

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Polyester Non-Wovens

Non-woven end markets such as automotive carpet, mattress fabrics, and weed control fabric use our recycled flake and resin.

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Staple Fiber

A highly versatile material, sustainable staple fiber can be produced from both Unifi flake and REPREVE resin.

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PET Strapping

Ultra-pure Unifi PET flake and REPREVE resin suit the demanding quality requirements of the PET strapping industry.

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PET Thermoformed Containers

Our FDA LNO flake and resin meet the stringent needs of brands and retailers while showing off the food inside.

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PET Sheet and Film

The clarity and filtration of Unifi recycled flake and resin allow for higher levels of recycled PET to meet your sustainability needs.

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PET Bottles

Need to make your sustainable packaging story pop? REPREVE recycled resin is a drop-in solution to boost your brand’s sustainability credentials.

Business Without Borders

Let Us Connect The Dots

Through strategically located partners and ventures, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in locations around the world, from China to the Americas. In the U.S., our vertically integrated processes transform plastic bottles into amazing recycled performance fiber. And wherever we work—which can be wherever you choose to do business—we have the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand.

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Business Solutions

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We look forward to hearing from you. Unifi is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and operates manufacturing facilities in Yadkinville, Madison and Reidsville, NC; in Brazil and Colombia, South America; and a whole-owned subsidiary in Suzhou China.

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