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High-tech fibers are built into fabrics that perform in hot or cold weather. Fabrics using TruTemp365® create the ideal microclimate between you and your clothes, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you're cold.

Core Benefits

Our unique fiber design works to create the ideal microclimate between the fabric and the human body, allowing the wearer to remain comfortable year-round, whether conditions are hot or cold. 

  • Enhances the comfort of the micro-climate between the wearer and the fabric
  • Breathable moisture wicking for cool, dry comfort
  • Keeps the wearer cool and dry in the heat, warm and comfortable in the cold
  • Combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes for additional benefits

Technology is in the yarn structure. Performance benefits and claims are based on fabric construction.

Available Platforms

  • Full range of REPREVE yarns in polyester filament and staple and spun fiber types
  • Full range of PROFIBER yarns
  • Available globally

Proof in the Science

Adjusts the Microclimate

TruTemp365 Warm
Whether Warm…

When it's warm, cool off: Quickly absorbs and wicks moisture out, where it evaporates to keep the microclimate cooler and comfortable.

TruTemp365 Cold
Or Cold

When it's cool, stay warmer: Creates a warm air layer to keep the microclimate between your skin and the fabric warmer and comfortable.

TruTemp365® provides moisture management and thermal comfort based on the following test methods and performance levels:

  • AATCC 197 Vertical Wicking: 15cm within 30 minutes after three launders on synthetic or 12cm within 30 minutes after three launders on cotton-rich fabrics
  • AATCC 79: Complete absorption within five seconds after three launders
  • ASTFM F1868: Thermal resistance, CLO a min 0.50 unit denim and piece dye. 100% synthetic bottom weight fabrics min. 0.47
  • ASTM D3776: Typical fabric weights range from:
    • Woven denim 9.5 to 12.5oz/yds2 – CLO value min. - 0.50
    • Woven piece dye 7.5 to 10.5oz/yds2 – CLO value min. - 0.50
    • Woven 100% Synthetic  4.75 to 7.5oz/yds2 – CLO value min. - 0.47
    • Knit 100% Synthetic: 4.5 to 8.0oz/yd2 – CLO value min. – 0.50

Disclaimer: The Mill or Brand is responsible for submitting the fabric(s) for TruTemp365® testing including AATCC 197, AATCC 79, ASTM F1868, ASTM D3776 and ASTM D1777 Opt 1 along with the completed Unifi Fabric Submit. Unifi will test the submitted fabric(s) and issue the Certification accordingly. Unifi only certifies TruTemp365® based on testing performed at Unifi approved labs. Recommended Thermal Resistance Testing Facility: North Carolina State University, Center for Research on Textile Protection and Comfort (T-PACC), College of Textiles North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-8301.

What We Offer

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Recycled + Performance

We combine the highest quality recycled fiber with high-performing technologies. Ensuring the sustainability consumers expect and the performance they demand.

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Performance Plus

Our leading suite of proprietary performance technologies helps you create differentiated products to win in the market. Combine them to create what’s next.

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Global Solutions

Anywhere in the World

Our expanding network of manufacturing facilities, sales and sourcing initiatives enables us to deliver innovative products and enhanced service in every major textile region.

Our Fabric Library

The Inspiration You Need

See textiles and fabrics made with Unifi fibers from our globally-certified mill partners. You must be an established brand, qualified designer, or buyer to gain access to the library as well as product design and valuable marketing support. 

It's easy to use, private and totally free. Apply now to access.

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Year-Round Comfort Solutions

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TruTemp365® delivers thermal comfort. Our ideas make a difference all along the supply chain. At Unifi, true innovation starts in the fiber. We'd love to show you how.

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