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We asked "what if" and created what's next in performance apparel and activewear. Most of our technologies are available in REPREVE® and PROFIBER™. So you can create sustainable performance that lasts. Scroll down to check out our innovative concept products to spark inspiration for your own designs.

The Start of Innovative Solutions

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REPREVE Sustainable Performance

With our partners, we've recycled more than 12 billion plastic bottles.

The world's #1 branded, recycled performance fiber is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. Available with the performance properties consumers demand, REPREVE lets you take sustainability further.

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PROFIBER Proprietary Performance

Start innovating with the leading suite of performance technologies.

From thermal comfort to moisture management, high-quality PROFIBER, enhanced with proprietary performance technologies, inspires you to create what's next.

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One Global Solution

Unifi sustainability and innovation are available worldwide.

Our expanding network of manufacturing facilities, sales and sourcing initiatives enables us to deliver innovative products and enhanced service in every major textile region in the world.

Coverage Even When Stretched

The Revolutionary Yoga Pant

Our apparel concept testing showed that consumers want performance, comfort, and to look their best—without embarrassing show-through when they put yoga pants through their paces. From fiber to finished product, our TruCover technology takes care of that. To make this concept truly revolutionary, we added more: TruTemp365, TruDry, TruFlexx, TruClean and TruShield. For lightweight fibers with an increased surface area that give you flexible stretch and coverage without show-through, plus moisture wicking, UVA and UVB protection, soil release and thermal comfort. Available in REPREVE or PROFIBER.

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Year-Round Comfort in Any Weather

A Shirt for All Seasons

Consumers told us they want multifunctional clothing for different weather, seasons, and all day. Our concept shirt with TruTemp365 seems to read your mind, or at least your temperature. It’s made with a high-tech fiber engineered to create a microclimate between you and your clothes, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you’re cold. When you add the benefits of TruDry and TruShield, this concept shirt also keeps your consumers dry and cool while protecting from UVA and UVB rays. Available in REPREVE or PROFIBER.

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Bounce Back Comfort and Cushioning

The Ultimate Cushioning Sock

How about socks that seem to defy the laws of gravity? The proprietary cushioning technology in TruBounce creates a lightweight fabric that truly bounces back, for more comfort and less wear and tear. Also enhanced with the wicking performance benefits of TruDry, these fibers help you reinvent dependable comfort—to make your consumers jump for joy. Available in REPREVE or PROFIBER.

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Fabrics That Feel Cool to Touch

The Cool-Hand Shirt

Creating a premium look and feel—with the reliable performance of synthetic fabric—starts in the fiber. The inherent TruCool comfort technology embedded in REPREVE or PROFIBER nylon fiber has a cooling effect when you put it on, even on the hottest days. This silky-cool concept shirt was designed for golf, with the added benefits of TruTemp365, TruDry, TruClean and TruShield. Let Unifi performance technology spark your innovation in outdoor apparel, high-performance sports, athleisure, or casual wear. Available in REPREVE or PROFIBER.

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Fabric Library

Find Fabric Solutions, Easily and Efficiently

Established brands, and qualified designers and buyers can request access to our fabric library with the click of a finger. Research REPREVE certified fabrics from our global certified mill partners. It's private, quick, easy-to-use and available anytime you need it.

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