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Sustainability Meets Performance

Take sustainability further with the world's leading, branded recycled performance fiber. Made from recycled materials, REPREVE is traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable, without compromise.

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Made from Pre-Consumer Waste

Our nylon 6 fiber is recycled, too, from valuable waste created in the manufacturing process—a normal part of making textiles. We turn waste into a win, reusing this waste and maximizing our output from precious natural resources.

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Best-In-Class Recycled Plastic

For making high-quality staple fibers, non-wovens, plastic bottles, or other food-grade packaging, REPREVE resin is traceable, certified and is available with a letter of non-objection from the FDA.

More About Unifi

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Global Solutions

Business Without Borders

We have the flexibility to provide our innovative products and enhanced service anywhere in the world. Our expanding network of manufacturing facilities, sales and sourcing initiatives enables us to drive growth in every major textile and apparel region in the world.

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Sustainable Applications

See the Possibilities

Top brands work with Unifi to make everyday products for the good of tomorrow. Get inspired by real examples of what you can do with REPREVE recycled performance fiber.