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With our industry knowledge, experience, and technology, our technical experts have the tools and know how to help you navigate every step of the global supply chain. Additionally, our worldwide presence means we can provide consistent service, flexibility and quality. And with our commitment to innovation, we constantly discover and optimize new solutions to meet any challenge.

Evo Texturing Machines

Manufacturing Excellence on Another Level

Introducing the first major texturing machine advancement in the industry in 20 years. Evo Texturing machines, when combined with EvoCooler technology, deliver consistently high-quality yarn across a broad range of products. They also enable more even yarn dyeing and allow us to provide you with an expanded portfolio of performance products that have broad market appeal. Because Unifi collaborated with Oerlikon to develop a unique design, we have exclusive rights to this technology in the Americas.

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Business Without Borders

Unifi Operates On A Global Platform

In addition to its U.S. operations, Unifi operates in every major textile and apparel region in the world. From manufacturing facilities to sales and sourcing, Unifi provides enhanced service and innovative technologies across the globe. 

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