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Easily glide from downward dog to child’s pose with our advanced technologies. Read below about some concept products that we’ve created to show what our technologies can do, alongside unexpected solutions, like mats and towels. Then, view our range of applicable technologies to determine how you’ll choose to make products that upgrade your practice.

End Uses

No Show-Through, No Sweat

Cool Touch Yoga Pant 1 1
Luxe Cool-Touch Yoga Pants for All Seasons

Luxurious, cool-touch performance yoga pants with a buttery-soft hand, proven thermal regulation and superior wicking.

Yoga Mats Towels 1 1
Mats & Towels

Go green with mats and towels made from 100% recycled materials. Plus, look below for applicable technologies to customize your gear with benefits like superior moisture wicking or advanced odor control.

Applicable Technologies

Sustainability and Embedded Performance Make Your Products Stand Out

The leading, branded recycled performance fiber.
XS Cross-section
Comfort like you’ve never felt before.
Locked-in color that lasts.
Keeps clothes cool, dry and comfortable.
Long-lasting comfort flexes with you.
Clothes smell fresher.
Resists water so you stay drier.
All-day UVA/UVB sun protection.
Year-round comfort in warm or cool weather.
Soft, cotton-like feel with performance comfort.

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