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Foot-friendly benefits like cushiony comfort, odor control and long-lasting stretch can help you create socks that outperform more conventional designs. Read below about the concept socks that we’ve created to show what our technologies can do, alongside industry gold standards, like compression socks featuring stretch-and-recover technology. Then, view our range of applicable technologies to determine how you’ll choose to make products that will make you jump for joy!

End Uses

Ultimate Comfort Plus Style

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Ultimate Comfort Sock

Specifically engineered for applications like running, hiking, work and sports, our concept design uses wicking, stretch, odor control and more to deliver the ultimate comfort sock.

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Stretch-and-recover technology can be combined with bouncy comfort and odor control to deliver compression garments that work.

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Nylon fibers can be combined with different technologies to provide stretch with class. How will you incorporate performance with style?

Applicable Technologies

Sustainability and Embedded Performance Make Your Products Stand Out

The leading, branded recycled performance fiber.
Soft, cotton-like feel with performance comfort.
Locked-in color that lasts.
Clothes smell fresher.
All-day UVA/UVB sun protection.
Long-lasting comfort flexes with you.
Resists water so you stay drier.
Keeps clothes cool, dry and comfortable.
Year-round comfort in warm or cool weather.
XS Cross-section
Bounce-back comfort and cushioning.

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