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From safety technology to sustainable solutions, make your home good designs indispensable.

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Our unique technologies combined with environmentally-friendly fibers help you create designs that your customers will feel good about.

Bedding 1 1

Eco-conscious bedding stays luxuriously soft through multiple washes.

Curtains 1 1

Use flame-retardant technology to keep window treatments safe.

Pads Filling 1 1
Pads & Filling

Rest easy with environmentally-friendly pads and filling.

Applicable Technologies

Sustainability and Embedded Performance Make Your Products Stand Out

The leading, branded recycled performance fiber.
Soft, cotton-like feel with performance comfort.
Inhibits the spread of flames.
Keeps clothes cool, dry and comfortable.
Resists water so you stay drier.
Locked-in color that lasts.
XS Cross-section
Bounce-back comfort and cushioning.

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