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Our technologies were created to solve for the unexpected. Thoughtful details that benefit both consumers and the planet are what make us stand apart. Read below about some concept products that we’ve created to show what our technologies can do, alongside classic choices, like upgraded denim. Then, view our range of applicable technologies to determine which solutions you’ll choose to make products no one has yet considered.

End Uses

Benefit from Our Advanced Technologies

365 Ponte Pant 1 1
Even Better 365 Ponte Pants

Finally, ultra-comfortable pants for all seasons and all occasions. They deliver enhanced comfort and stand up to stains.

365 Woven Pant 1 1
Perfect 365 Woven Bottoms

Bottoms that stand up to whatever life throws at them, whether it’s cold or warm weather, dirt, sweat or blood.

Denim 1 1

How will you customize this classic piece? Look below for applicable technologies that make denim more than just a staple—your designs will be game-changing when paired with what we have to offer.

Applicable Technologies

Sustainability and Embedded Performance Make Your Products Stand Out

The leading, branded recycled performance fiber.
Soft, cotton-like feel with performance comfort.
All-day UVA/UVB sun protection.
Long-lasting comfort flexes with you.
Resists water so you stay drier.
Keeps clothes cool, dry and comfortable.
Locked-in color that lasts.
XS Cross-section
Bounce-back comfort and cushioning.
Year-round comfort in warm or cool weather.
Clothes smell fresher.

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