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With the world’s leading, branded recycled fiber, we help you design products that tell an amazing sustainability story—traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable. In poly or nylon, it’s also made with wicking, comfort cushioning and other performance technologies.

We offer polyester, nylon and staple fiber made with 100% recycled materials. By combining these with Unifi performance technologies, your products will offer both unquestionable sustainability and innovative comfort and performance.

Core Benefits

  • We’ve recycled over 20 billion plastic bottles—out of the waste stream and into useful products
  • Made with the highest quality and integrity—available globally
  • U TRUST® verification program provides customers with a higher level of transparency
  • FiberPrint® technology helps customers avoid false environmental claims by analyzing fabric content and composition
  • Combines well with nearly every Unifi performance technology

Available With


Textured Yarn 1 1

Sustainability Meets Performance

Take sustainability further with the world's leading, branded recycled performance fiber. Made from recycled materials, REPREVE is traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable, without compromise.

Staple Fiber 1 1
REPREVE Staple Fiber

A Certifiable, Recycled Ingredient

Our recycled line includes reliably sustainable REPREVE staple fiber, to make spun yarns and non-woven products better for the planet.

Repreve Chip 5 4

Best-In-Class Recycled Plastic

For making high-quality staple fibers, non-wovens, plastic bottles, or other food-grade packaging, REPREVE resin chip is traceable, certified and FDA-approved.

Our Fabric Library

The Inspiration You Need

See textiles and fabrics made with Unifi fibers from our globally-certified mill partners. You must be an established brand, qualified designer, or buyer to gain access to the library as well as product design and valuable marketing support.

It's easy to use, private and totally free. Apply now to access.

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