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Comfort is the number one thing people say they want from textiles. From perfectly fitting fashion apparel to natural-feeling bedding to versatile athletic apparel, Unifi has a solution that makes comfort part of the fiber—so it’s in every part of your product. We offer advanced technologies to provide solutions like bounce-back cushioning, superior moisture wicking, and longer-lasting stretch comfort.

Core Benefits

  • Embedded fiber technology that can tune fabric for zoned “bounce” or cushioning
  • Durable four-way stretch up to 25%, depending on fabric construction and finish
  • Moisture-wicking technology customized to keep the wearer cool in the heat, warm in the cold
  • Water-resistant fibers that let water bead up and shake off
  • Most available in REPREVE recycled fiber, eco-friendly and performance-driven

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What We Offer

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Recycled + Performance

We combine the highest quality recycled fiber with high-performing technologies. Ensuring the sustainability consumers expect and the performance they demand.

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Global Solutions

Anywhere in the World

Our expanding network of manufacturing facilities, sales and sourcing initiatives enables us to deliver innovative products and enhanced service in every major textile region.

Our Fabric Library

The Inspiration You Need

See textiles and fabrics made with Unifi fibers from our globally-certified mill partners. You must be an established brand, qualified designer, or buyer to gain access to the library as well as product design and valuable marketing support.

It's easy to use, private and totally free. Apply now to access.

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