Textured Yarn

Advanced air-jet texturing and innovative texturing methods.

Synthetic yarns get an upgrade with our air-jet texturing technique. By drawing, heating and twisting continuous filament yarns, they are made to look and feel exactly like their natural counterparts. After our innovative technology is put to the test, yarn is more durable, flexible and dyeable, providing a longer lifespan and superior performance.

Covered Yarn

Enhance a fabric's ability to stretch and recover.

Our covered yarn holds up to pressure with an easy bounce-back thanks to our process of wrapping or air-entangling filament or spun yarns around a core yarn. By using air, single and double covering, yarn resists wrinkles and is flexible enough to be used in athletic gear, uniforms and more. 


Exact color matching from automotive to specialized apparel.

Our dyeing process is miles away from the competition, thanks to our leading color-matching applications and ethical environmental practices. Textured and spun polyester, rayon, cotton, acrylic, nylon and fiber blends are all easy to color with our technologically-advanced dyeing process.

Melt Extrusion

The beginning of fiber.

The process of creating quality synthetic fibers is perfected with melt extrusion. As polymers heat up to the point of melting, continuous fiber strands are created, providing luxury, natural-seeming synthetic solutions.


Combine filaments into yarn, for endless applications.

This simple and efficient method is tried-and-true for creating yarns from filaments. From thread to furniture, twisting quickly creates yarns that are durable and long-lasting.


Used by brands in warp knitting and weaving applications.

Weave the ideal garment with our beamed yarns. Through the process of being wound on beams, polyester, nylon and textured and flat yarns are produced in a manner that creates soft, dependable fibers for every woven or knitted project.

Draw Winding

Flat yarn and specialties.

Our draw winding method eliminates wrinkles and improves yarn quality through advanced machinery and perfected processes. After being heated to the exact temperature for success, yarn is more durable, flexible and dependable.

Customer Story

Volcom, from bottles to boardshorts with REPREVE

Since 2012, surf and activewear brand Volcom has been committed to doing the right thing: recycling more than 10 million plastic bottles by using REPREVE fibers in t-shirts, fleece, pants and boardshorts. In their words, completely “rad.”

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