PET Resin

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Creating PET resin from clean bottle flake is the most important step in making REPREVE. This ingredient product is made by melting bottle flake and re-forming it into pellets called chip—through a state-of-the art, technology-driven process that we invented. It’s third-party certified. And, with our unique U Trust® program and FiberPrint® technology, we can verify the products you make for recycled content claims.

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Discover End Uses

REPREVE is an Essential Ingredient in Many Sustainable Products

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Water Bottles

The circle is made complete with the making of water bottles from REPREVE resin. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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Shampoo Bottles

Clean your hair and your conscience by using shampoo bottles made from recycled resin.

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Baby Wipes

Since baby wipes are constantly disposed of, make a difference in your child’s footprint early on with wipes made from recycled resin.

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Apple Sauce Container

When your child reaches for a snack, make sure it’s healthy, filling and made from recycled materials.

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Strapping Material

When you receive that table that’s in a thousand tiny pieces with no instructions, you can feel slightly less frustrated knowing that the packaging materials have been made with recycled resin.

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Produce Boxes

Carry your farmers' market finds home in containers made from recycled resin.

Business Without Borders

Let Us Connect The Dots

Through strategically located partners and ventures, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in locations around the world, from China to the Americas. In the U.S., our vertically integrated processes transform plastic bottles into amazing recycled performance fiber. And wherever we work—which can be wherever you choose to do business—we have the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand.

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Performance Innovations

Bringing a Touch of Technology to Textiles

The world's leading brands use Unifi performance technologies to make products that add comfort, perform better, and last longer.

Champions of Sustainability

Celebrating our Brand Partners in Sustainability

We have 10 BILLION reasons to celebrate! After recycling 10 billion plastic bottles, we launched the Unifi Champions of Sustainability awards to recognize the brand partners who helped us achieve this important milestone.

Business Solutions

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