PROFIBER Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

Natural Stretch for Superior Performance

PROFIBER PBT adds natural stretch that's easily incorporated into denim, athleisure and more. A great fit with flame retardant technology and UV protection, PBT also has natural stretch properties and chlorine resistance.

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Discover End Uses

Greater Range, Greater Results

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With properties like TruFlexx™, denim has enough stretch to be comfy, but enough hold to withstand sagging or bagging throughout the day.

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From the gym to the grocery store, leggings and tank tops are both stylish and pragmatic with the usage of technologies like TruFresh™ that keep unwelcome odors at bay.

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Whether you work in a factory setting or at a desk, it’s important that your clothes don’t get in the way of your job. With technologies like TruFresh and TruFlexx, clothing gets a boost of durability and protection against bacteria to keep you on track throughout the work week.

Business Without Borders

Let Us Connect The Dots

Through strategically located partners and ventures, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in locations around the world, from China to the Americas. In the U.S., our vertically integrated processes transform plastic bottles into amazing recycled performance fiber. And wherever we work—which can be wherever you choose to do business—we have the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand.

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Performance Innovations

Bringing a Touch of Technology to Textiles

The world's leading brands use Unifi performance technologies to make products that add comfort, perform better, and last longer.

Champions of Sustainability

Celebrating our Brand Partners in Sustainability

We have 10 BILLION reasons to celebrate! After recycling 10 billion plastic bottles, we launched the Unifi Champions of Sustainability awards to recognize the brand partners who helped us achieve this important milestone.

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