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What truly makes us different? The extra ingredients that make every fiber: our hands, our minds, our hearts. Yes, true innovation starts with us and what we envision for our kids’ future. It starts with how we work. And what we believe. And with us, it never stops.

Our Vision

Make everyday life better by transforming the world’s products through sustainable innovation.

We don't just manufacture—we innovate. Sustainably. We envision a world where fibers solve many of life’s everyday challenges. Where recycled products with high performance have become the norm. Where being sustainable creates an innovation loop that goes on forever.

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Our Mission

To be the world’s most sought-after performance and sustainability textile partner...

How? By igniting passion and inspiration among forward-looking designers, innovators and consumers. By helping our customers and partners innovate and disrupt markets and supply chains. By using our forward thinking, sustainable focus and advanced technology to create the future of textiles.

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Our Core Values

Be Your Word

Earn trust and respect by treating people well and doing what you say.

When we give our word, we mean it. We treat others as they want to be treated: with trust and transparency, tolerance and respect, kindness and compassion. We value the business and personal contributions each of us makes every day and deliver on our commitments. “Say what you’ll do and do what you say” is our motto. 

Pride In Everything

Pride comes from doing your job the way you know it should be done.

We do our jobs right, so we can be proud of everything we do. We are honest with all of our interactions because there’s nothing to hide. From our spotlessly clean plants and high-quality standards, to our individual contributions, we never underestimate the impact of our efforts. The job isn’t done until we feel proud of what we’ve delivered.

Customer Obsessed

Our success is measured through the success of our customers.

We are viewed as Global Strategic Partners, and we start by listening. Deeply understanding their business priorities and their consumers’ needs helps us create market-disrupting solutions, extraordinary service and unquestionable product quality. We ensure productive relationships by being fundamentally fair with customers and each other: transparent, honest and open. We win together with our customers, driving profitable growth for them and us.

Inventive Spirit

We have what it takes to inspire the future—intelligence, courage, drive.

We must invest in what’s next and challenge the status quo.  We will be curious, provocative, never complacent and always persistent. We use data to guide our decisions, but know true innovation doesn’t come from a spreadsheet. We strive to be the industry experts at ideation, innovation, and execution—think like a startup, and scale like pros. Our courage to stay out in front creates courage in others. Whatever comes, we’ve got this.

A Larger Responsibility

We seek to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

We think beyond a typical manufacturer’s perspective. We act as part of something bigger, value diversity, and we all move forward together. Sustainability is our chosen path forward, inspiring innovative products and forward-thinking practices. We continually seek to improve our footprint, acknowledging our wins and challenges. This gives us unique opportunities to serve the wellbeing of our people, our company, our community, our supply chains, and our planet. To make everyday life better—for the good of tomorrow. For everybody.

More About Unifi

Careers Tout

Our Most Important Attribute? Our People

At Unifi, employees are our most vital element for success. The textile industry is one of the most technologically advanced businesses in the world, and our employees provide our competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Our History

The Unifi Story

The roots of the Unifi story actually began before the birth of the company's founder, George Allen Mebane IV, who was born in 1929 in Greensboro, North Carolina.