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Excerpt from Article, "Global Impact: Piedmont Triad."
American Airlines, Spotlight Magazine, July 2019 Edition

“Innovation has even become a calling card for the region’s traditional industries, with its leading textile companies choosing to embrace technology as a means of differentiation.

For example, Unifi has been headquartered in Greensboro since 1971, and is now established as a world-leader in recycled performance fibers through its REPREVE technology. To date, the company has used state-of-the-art recycling technology to transform more than 16 billion plastic bottles (enough to fill the Empire State Building 11.5 times) into high-quality and verifiable fibers used by some of the world’s most popular consumer brands in everything from clothing and footwear to home furnishings and automotive interiors.

‘We believe our future is in sustainable fiber solutions for our customers. That’s where the industry is headed down the road, and we want to be the provider of whatever those sustainable solutions are that they need,’ says Richard Gerstein, global chief marketing officer and EVP, REPREVE Future Strategy. ‘The REPREVE brand provides a guarantee of quality and transparency, and so I look forward to growing the products that we offer, and growing globally in where we provide our products.’”