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Designer Mara Hoffman, president and creative director of her self-named brand, was honored at an exclusive reception at NYFW. For our 2018 REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability award program, she was named our first Leading the Change award winner. Hoffman has a long history of advocating for sustainability within the fashion industry, and we are pleased to present her with this special recognition. Her tireless efforts have proven how rethinking a brand's entire approach can build longer lasting and more meaningful relationships with consumers.

Sustainable Yarns to Must-Have Swimwear

Partnering for Success in the Market

Mara Hoffman chose REPREVE for swimwear because it helped them make quick shifts in novelty swim fabrics. “We sought out REPREVE yarn because of their accessibility and because they worked with us as we built the business,” said Hoffman. “REPREVE yarns create beautiful fabrics that have, in turn, become some of our bestselling swimsuits. They are true partners to us and we love how well their ethos aligns with ours.”

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Celebrating A Fashion Role Model

Leading the Change, Leading by Example

“Mara is leading the change by using REPREVE and challenging consumers and the industry to approach fashion a completely different way,” said Helen Sahi, Unifi Vice President of Global Corporate Sustainability. Four years ago, concerned about the impact of fashion on her young son’s future, Hoffman decided to go sustainable. Retail store buyers resisted, but she said, “This is what we’re doing, this is what we stand for, so if you believe in the line, you can join us on this amazing journey.” Her success in reinventing Mara Hoffman as a sustainable brand is proof of her fashion leadership. And courage.

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For the Good of Tomorrow

New York Fashion Week lasts just eight days. But one plastic water bottle can take 1,000 years to decompose. That’s why Unifi is proud to deliver innovative, sustainable fibers and textiles. With REPREVE®, the world’s leading, branded recycled fiber, we help you design products that tell an amazing sustainability story—transparent, traceable and certified.

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