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Offerings in Europe & Middle East

Specialized products to serve you.

Available Products & Innovations

  • Nylon 6.6 POY yarns
  • REPREVE polyester, nylon, staple fiber
  • REPREVE spun yarn

Locations in Europe & Middle East

A range of services for the region.


In 2000, Unifi and Nilit® Ltd. joined to form UNF, a manufacturing venture located in Israel that produces nylon 6,6 POY yarns for texturing.


Our brand sales representatives can show you more about our Swiss offerings.


Many of our signature technologies, along with REPREVE, are available in Turkey.


Licensed spinners create our signature REPREVE spun yarn, along with other options.

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From China to the Americas, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in every major textile region in the world. Wherever we work—wherever you choose to do business—we connect you with the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand. 

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True innovation starts in the fiber. But it doesn’t end there. What will you do with it? See how other brands and innovators have used Unifi fibers and technologies to make products more comfortable, more functional, easier to care for, longer lasting, and sustainable.