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Customizable technology to fit your specific product needs.

Unifi’s Knit Cord is a USA-made, Berry compliant high-quality synthetic cord that comes packaged on yarn bobbins – not loose in boxes. Customizability is key for this product. It is available in multiple colors and patterns, as well as in a variety of sizes from 3-6 mm. Perfect for comfortable ear loops for standard, surgical, KN95 and N95 respirator masks.

Knit Cord – in Nylon or Polyester

Soft, Durable, Strong

Our Knit Cord can be made with nylon or polyester depending on your needs. Whether nylon or polyester, Unifi will work with your product development specifications to ensure maximum strength, durability, and comfort for your end products. Whether you produce personal protective equipment (PPE), drawstrings, laces, or wristbands, our flexible process can help you match or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Benefits Include:

  • Made in America, Berry Affidavit with Every Shipment
  • Optimized performance and properties
  • Engineered/Designed force strength
  • Multiple colors and patterns available
  • 25 million meter per month capacity
  • REPREVE® variants available
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Knit Cord – Made from REPREVE

Added Enhancements with Sustainability

Due to our USA based vertically integrated supply chain, we are proud to offer Unifi Knit Cord in REPREVE polyester and REPREVE nylon variants. REPREVE is the leading global branded recycled synthetic fiber. With REPREVE’s transparency, traceability, and industry-leading U-Trust certifications, you can enhance your product selling story with a confident message about environmental sustainability.

Benefits include:

  • Nylon or PET/Polyester for greater comfort and options
  • Vertical Supply Chain
  • Various sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 mm
  • Berry Compliant Knit Cord
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Unifi Berry Compliant Knit Cord

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