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Protecting Our World with Eco-Friendly Fashion

tentree is on a mission to become the most environmentally progressive company on the planet. We give back to the earth by planting 10 trees for every item purchased, while using eco-friendly and natural materials such as REPREVE to make our products. Our brand is inspired by our love for the planet and our drive to push the limits, living a nature-focused and healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Protect Your World

tentree strives to inspire others to make eco-conscious consumer choices, while empowering them with the tools to do so! A healthier environment starts with you, by choosing and using products that are sourced, created and produced in a more sustainable fashion. With the help of our loyal customers, tentree has planted over 20 million trees (and counting!) and continues to innovate ways to reduce our impact on the earth.

More About Unifi

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Global Solutions

Business Without Borders

From China to the Americas, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in every major textile region in the world. Wherever you choose to do business, we connect you with the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand. 

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Product Applications

Making Everyday Products Better

True innovation starts in the fiber. But it doesn’t end there. What will you do with it? See how other brands and innovators have used Unifi fibers and technologies to make products more comfortable, more functional, easier to care for, longer lasting, and sustainable.

Business Solutions

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