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Natura. Sustainable Sleep.

At Natura™ we aim to change the way you sleep by providing an honest connection between rest and health. Natura matches eco-integrity with new technology to create supportive and pressure relieving mattresses with recycled materials. Every Natura mattress proudly uses REPREVE fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Each mattress recycles approximately 20 plastic bottles to help reduce waste in our earth’s oceans and landfills

Sleep Well For Life with Natura

Natura™ focuses on quality, sustainability and innovation to create sleep products with you in mind. Natura mattresses combine temperature regulation and pressure relief technology to allow you to rest well while reducing waste in oceans and landfills. Partnering with Unifi to use REPREVE technology in our products is part of our mission to deliver sustainable products. Rest assured Natura is the answer to a great night’s sleep and better solutions for our planet

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From China to the Americas, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in every major textile region in the world. Wherever you choose to do business, we connect you with the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand. 

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True innovation starts in the fiber. But it doesn’t end there. What will you do with it? See how other brands and innovators have used Unifi fibers and technologies to make products more comfortable, more functional, easier to care for, longer lasting, and sustainable.

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