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  • DETROIT, MI --

    Lions Encourage Fans to “Make The Smart Throw” by Tossing Plastic Bottles into the Recycling Bin to be Transformed into REPREVE-based Consumer Products

    DETROIT, Mich. – August 5, 2015 – Coming off of a successful first year partnership, the Detroit Lions announce a second consecutive year with Unifi, Inc.’s (NYSE:UFI) REPREVE® as the team’s official sustainability partner. REPREVE transforms recycled plastic bottles into fibers used to make fabric found in some of America’s favorite brands, including Ford, Haggar, Polartec, Quiksilver and Volcom.

    Kicking off the 2015 season, REPREVE will turn the Aug. 8 Lions preseason scrimmage green with Matthew Stafford and other Lions quarterbacks wearing REPREVE green jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles. REPREVE will be onsite to give attending fans the chance to win REPREVE-based prizes and tickets to the Oct. 25 REPREVE sponsored game.

    “We are very excited to have REPREVE back for another year of a great sustainable partnership,” said Detroit Lions Team President Tom Lewand. “Last year, Lions fans recycled nearly 60,000 plastic bottles at Ford Field. We look forward to the continuation of this aggressive recycling effort and showcasing REPREVE-based products created from recycled plastic bottles to our fans.” During the Oct. 25 game against the Minnesota Vikings, REPREVE will host a “Make the Smart Throw” challenge during game day where one lucky fan will get the chance to win up to $50,000 for completing a series of difficult throws on the field.

    “This continued partnership with the Lions provides us a unique platform to educate fans on the importance of recycling and sustainability,” said Roger Berrier, president and chief operating officer of Unifi, Inc. “Compared to other countries, the United States recycles significantly fewer plastic materials, with less than 32 percent being recycled. Together with the Lions, we can show fans that through the simple act of recycling, they can play a role in transforming plastic bottles into great consumer products.”

    To further educate consumers on the cool products that can be made from recycled bottles, REPREVE will launch a national recycling tour later this year. The tour will make stops across the United States, including Ford Field, giving consumers a chance to recycle their plastic bottles in exchange for REPREVE-based products.

    For more information on REPREVE, please visit www.REPREVE.com, or visit the REPREVE Facebook page www.facebook.com/REPREVE.

    About Unifi: Unifi, Inc. is a multi-national manufacturing company that produces and sells textured and other processed yarns designed to meet customer specifications, and premier value-added (“PVA”) yarns with enhanced performance characteristics. Unifi maintains one of the textile industry’s most comprehensive polyester and nylon product offerings. Unifi enhances demand for its products, and helps others in creating a more effective textile industry supply chain, through the development and introduction of branded yarns that provide unique performance, comfort and aesthetic advantages. In addition to its flagship REPREVE® products – a family of eco-friendly yarns made from recycled materials – key Unifi brands include: SORBTEK®, REFLEXX®, AIO® – all-in-one performance yarns, SATURA®, AUGUSTA®, A.M.Y.®, MYNX® UV and MICROVISTA®. Unifi's yarns are readily found in the products of major brands in the apparel, hosiery, automotive, home furnishings, industrial and other end-use markets. For more information about Unifi, visit www.unifi.com; to learn more about REPREVE®, visit www.REPREVE.com.

    About The Detroit Lions: The Detroit Lions are a professional American football team based in Detroit, Michigan. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL), and play their home games at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit. The team located to Detroit in 1934 and is the National Football League's fifth oldest franchise. The Detroit Lions most recently made the NFL playoffs in 2014, when they finished with a 11-5 record. In addition to professional football, the Detroit Lions have a visible and active community relations role in the Detroit area. With a focus on health and wellness and community revitalization, the Lions have contributed $7.2 million through philanthropic efforts since 1991. For more information, please visit http://www.detroitlions.com.

    For More Information Contact: Ben Manges (on behalf of the Detroit Lions) Ben.manges@lions.nfl.net Cell: 810-602-1091
  • Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI) is a diversified producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials. The Company adds value to the supply chain and enhances consumer demand for its products through the development and introduction of branded yarns that provide unique performance, comfort and aesthetic advantages. Key Unifi brands include, but are not limited to: AIO® - all-in-one performance yarns, SORBTEK®, A.M.Y.®, MYNX® UV, REPREVE®, REFLEXX®, MICROVISTA® and SATURA®. Unifi's yarns and brands are readily found in home furnishings, apparel, legwear, and sewing thread, as well as industrial, automotive, military, and medical applications. For more information about Unifi, visit www.unifi.com, or to learn more about REPREVE®, visit www.repreve.com.

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