Search here for fabrics made with Repreve recycled fiber. We want to make it easy and efficient for you to find what textiles contain Repreve recycled fiber, and where to source them. We created this library of textiles that contain Repreve to make it easy for you to research eco-friendly fabrics from a variety of suppliers. It’s quick, easy to use, private, and totally free. So, how can we help you? Once you are an approved customer, use this library to:

Find out about new yarns and view approved fabrics made with Repreve, available through a wide range of mill partners
Create and print your own swatch book, including product name and supplier
Start your fabric certification process
Check on the status of your certification
Request fabric samples
Request product hang tags

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Better For The Planet
Repreve recycled yarn offsets the need to use new crude oil.
Making The News
Repreve is getting the attention of the trade and popular press.
Who Makes Repreve
Repreve is made by a U.S.-based company, Unifi, Inc., a global leader in innovative textile solutions.